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Welcome to Norwood Chiropractic, 31 King Street in Norwood Ontario.


We offer a wide range of services in one location with minimal wait times and no referral required.
Most of our services are covered by extended health care plans.




Chiropractic is a branch of the health sciences, which focuses upon the body's neuromusculoskeletal system.
Since your spine is the key highway for your central nervous system, a chiropractor is trained to use a variety
of diagnostic methods to examine and treat your spine and bone structure.

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is not only an excellent tool to promote relaxation, it also plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process
and in the treatment of chronic pain and common injuries. Massage therapy is a hands-on, drug-free approach to improve function
and decrease pain. It also affects the whole body through stress reduction and increased circulation.



Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for over 2500 years. Acupuncture stimulates the production of endorphins and enkephalins, which are the body’s own natural pain-killing chemicals. After acupuncture needles are inserted, there is an increase in blood flow to the thalamus, which is the area of the brain that relays pain and other sensory messages.

Custom Orthotics


An Orthotic is a corrective device worn inside your shoe.
It can help the muscles, tendons and bones of your feet and lower legs function at their highest potential.


Custom-made Orthotics are manufactured from a 3-D image of your foot using raw materials.
When appropriately prescribed to treat a medical condition, custom-made Orthotics can decrease pain,
not only in your feet, but in other parts of the body, such as your knees, hips and lower back.

Shockwave Therapy


Shockwave therapy is a new, effective treatment for severe cases of tendinitis, tendinosis, and scar tissue build-up. It offers a solution
for stubborn injuries even when traditional approaches have failed. The treatment involves directing a deep acoustic energy pulse into
an area of chronic muscle or tendon injury to stimulate blood flow and specific cellular activity.



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  • Dr. Tara Rawluk, BScK, DC, Dac.

    Dr. Rawluk completed her Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) degree at Dalhousie University
    in 1996. In 1999 she was awarded her diploma in acupuncture from the Canadian Academy
    of Clinical Acupuncture. She graduated cum laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in May 2001.


    Dr. Rawluk has attended seminars and workshops about nutritional supplementation, custom foot orthotics, and soft tissue therapy (including Active Release Therapy).

  • Dr. Michael Norman, BScH, DC.

    Dr. Norman grew up in Shannonville, ON, before attending Queen’s University and graduating in 2012 with a degree in Biology and Psychology. He then moved to Toronto and graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2016.


    Dr. Norman has taken seminars in athletic taping and is currently undergoing training in acupuncture.


    In his spare time Dr. Norman enjoys reading, fishing, and playing music. He is looking forward to getting to know and working with the community.

  • Melanie Stainton, RMT

    Melanie was born and raised in Port Perry Ontario. She graduated from the massage therapy program at Sir Sanford Fleming College in 2009 and has since been practising at a clinic in her home town. She is new to the Norwood area, having moved here in February of 2014.


    Melanie knows a variety of massage techniques and is eager to help those in need. Along with Massage she is also trained in Acupressure and dynamic taping.  Melanie has completed training in Ashiatsu massage (massage using her feet).


    In her spare time she likes to sew and make theatrical costumes. She also makes jewelery and practices a variety of different arts. She loves the outdoors, fitness and has a big heart for animals.


  • Doulton Burnett, RMT

    Doulton was born and raised in Campbellford, Ontario. He attended Sir Sandford Fleming College for the massage Therapy program and graduated in June of 2016. Doulton practices a wide variety of massage techniques and is always striving to learn new information to help clients needs. Doulton is an avid fisherman, he also enjoys camping and hiking in his spare time.

  • Chiropractic

    Chiropractic fees no longer have OHIP coverage but are covered by many extended health plans.


    Initial Appointment

    Adult $70, Student $55, Child 10 and under $40


    Subsequent Treatment

    Adult $40, Student $30, Child $20


    Re-evaluation / New Complaint

    Adult $50, Student $40, Child $25


    There is an additional fee of $10.00 when acupuncture is used as a modality with your chiropractic treatment.

  • Massage therapy

    15 minute treatment ...................$35

    30 minute treatment ...................$50

    45 minute treatment ...................$65

    60 minute treatment ...................$85
    90 minute massage ...................$130
    60 minute hot stone massage ..$100
    90 minute hot stone massage $145

    All massage therapy fees include 13% HST.


    Many extended health plans offer some coverage for massage therapy with a prescription from a medical doctor. Be sure to check your plan!

  • Acupuncture

    Depending on the condition, acupuncture may also be used as a modality with chiropractic care.


    With chiropractic ……. plus $10.00

  • Custom Orthotics

    Book an appointment for a consultation and options.
    Orthotics $395

  • Shockwave Therapy

    Initial Visit with Shockwave Therapy $105


    Shockwave Treatment $75


    Additional areas treated
    on the same visit are $25 extra

  • Cancellation Policy

    There is a $25 fee for missing a chiropractic appointment without notifying our office prior to your appointment time. Payment will be expected prior to your next treatment session.

  • Chiropractic Initial forms

    Download the new patient forms
    for Chiropractic here

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